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Esther Pearlman, author of "It's Not Easy Being a Woman!

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"It's Not Easy Being a Woman"

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Hello And Happy New Year! We have a great guest on Best Selling Author TV to start out the new year. Her name is Esther Pearlman and she has written her latest book, "It's Not Easy Being a Woman." This book, due out sometime in the next month is a story about her personal philosophy from her many experiences of life. And what a life it has been for Esther!

She is a unique, talented, funny, witty and charming lady who also happens to be quite an accomplished artist. She has derived much of her inspiration from the masters of art including Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. And the front cover of her book is one of her masterful paintings.

The interview is in 2 parts. Just click on the link to see this great interview with this charming woman, Esther Pearlman on Best Selling Author TV.